Is Social Media Models an agency?

No. Social Media Models. is not an agency and Social Media Models. can’t find models work directly; however, we can put you in a position with all the right tools to confidently approach agencies and market yourself directly.

How will you help me?

Social Media Models are experts in bringing new faces into the modelling industry, and they have been established for over 13 years. We offer all applicants who show potential the opportunity to have a professional photo shoot and assessment at a top fashion studio.

I want to become a model. Can you help me?

Social Media Models are one of the UK’s leading model support services, so yes we can definitely help. You can find out more by reading and registering on our website.

Do I need a portfolio?

Although you do not need professional images to apply to a model agency, every model will need a professional portfolio to market themselves, or for an agency to market them. It is your CV and not just a collection of pretty images. Modelling portfolios show.

I’m interested in working with Social Media Models and would like to know who I can contact?

If you are interested in working with Social Media Models then you can email us directly.

Do I need to pay for my portfolio?

Every model will need to pay for their portfolio, regardless of what you may have heard, you will have to invest in your own portfolio. Top fashion agencies such as Storm will invest and build portfolios for their models and will take a large figure.

Do agencies guarantee work?

No agency will guarantee work. Once you are signed to an agency it is up to the client’s requirements for you to be selected for particular jobs. Remember, agencies make their money from you as a model by taking a certain percentage out of your.

How much will I get paid?

Rates for models varies from client to client. some rates can be hourly and daily. Once you are signed with an agency you should have a very clear understanding of all rates including the percentage your agent will take from your earning, you can refer.

Do I have to travel?

Modelling can involve some traveling and this does depend on the location of shoots and castings for you to attend. Usually your agent will arrange your travel and most travel expenses are paid for and covered.

Would modelling affect my studies?

Agencies will represent you and find work; it is up to you to decide which castings and shoots you would like to attend. Do not be afraid to say no. If you are in full time education your agency will be aware and would only.

Do I have to pay to join an agency?

No agency should ask you to pay an upfront registration fee, though more often than not you will need to pay for additional marketing fees such as the cost to upload your images to their website, updating their literature, or produce z-cards with the agencies.

I’m 5 6′ am I too short to become a model?

If one of our New Faces team has emailed, text or left you a voicemail then they will always leave you contact details to get back to them. Give them a call and they will be happy to discuss your application further.

Someone from Social Media Models contacted me and asked me for £50 booking deposit? Is this legit?

If you have been speaking to a New Faces consultant and they have invited you to one of our studios for a model assessment/portfolio shoot then the studios require a £50 booking deposit. This is fully refundable provided that you show up on the day.

I’m waiting for my booking deposit refund. How can I check the status?

If you are want to check the status of a booking deposit refund then please contact our studios on.

How old do you have to be to register with Social Media Models?

We support models over the age of 7 years old.

I’m bigger/shorter than the models you see on the catwalk, can I still register?

Just because you don’t fit the catwalk model mould certainly doesn’t mean you haven’t got what it takes to be a model. We assess all applications individually so register with us today to find out if you have model potential.

How long will it take for me to get jobs?

This again depends on what the clients are looking for. There are many stories where models start picking up jobs from the moment they sign up till 3 months after they sign up. This can also depend on new trends, new fashions, and new companies.

Can you look at my Facebook profile and tell me if I have model potential?

I’m afraid that we do not assess individuals from their Facebook profiles, however, you can register with an image on our website and one of our New Faces team will be in touch if they feel you show model potential.